How to choose a School

When one travels in order to learn a foreign language and culture, the most important thing is the experience of human contact and the real situations of communication as a result. The opportunity for immersion in language and foreign culture is oftentimes more valuable than the formal education received in the classroom.
Therefore, we should not be influenced solely by the student demographic or by price when selecting a school. The most expensive school is not always the best. The best school is one that offers more dedicated student services from a warm, friendly staff that strives to help the foreigner to integrate into the local community.

Student workload

Look for a school that offers a program which has a good balance of classroom instruction time, and free time to fully experience the local language and culture.

Disclosure and Intermediation

Another important aspect to consider is that the schools that belong to large networks probably have higher administrative costs, which have to be passed on to the students. Some have an extensive marketing department, which produces and distributes expensive brochures to all travel agencies in Brazil’. Also, The educational programs used in Brazil for English franchisees are more expensive because the rate of brokerage is twofold: one for the franchisee and one for the franchisor.


Those who give importance solely to the certification, remember that the cult of the document as an instrument of proof is merely a vice of our Brazilian culture. Do not be influenced by this alone. What really counts is the experience gained and the language ability demonstrated. However, if there is a real need for proof of proficiency, one should seek to undergo at the end of their programs, international tests of proficiency evaluation and TOEFL in North America or the IELTS, CPE and NVQs in England.


Towns are always more interesting and cheaper than big cities. Large cities do not offer the same ease of community living that small towns do nor do these ESL programs offer the option to stay with a host family. Students, who want to experience the attractions of a nearby big city can do so on weekends or can plan a trip at the end of their program before returning to their home country.


Always make sure to verify whether the accommodations are single or shared with another international student. This detail can affect the price significantly.

Finally, if the airfares you are offered is part of a package require the price breakdown of travel and route, as well as an option to buy each component separately to make sure that you are not paying more than necessary for all of the items.

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